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Spring Maintenance Question

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Spring Maintenance Question

Today in central Ohio we enjoyed our first 70+ degree F day and I got to get into my first over wintered hives (2). I was very cautious (maybe too cautious) about making sure they had plenty of winter stores and sugar bricks last fall before winter. Today during my first full frame removal inspection I was shocked at the amount of over wintered honey still in both hives. Both hives are queen right and the queens are laying strong but there is so much honey (approximately 60-80 pounds in both) the queens almost look like they have no room to lay (between the old honey and the fresh maple and alder pollen they are now bringing in- I’m hard pressed to find an empty cell). Is there ever a situation, when you would want to remove some frames of honey in exchange for empty foundation to allow them to draw comb so the queens more room to lay at this time of year or best to let them bee and too much stores is not a problem they can’t handle?

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