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Spraying for insects

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Spraying for insects

I have a hive of Tetragonula carbonaria (Native Australian bees) under the deck at the front of my house. I’ve had them about 3 months, and they seem to be thriving.

However, as we’re being eaten alive by mozzies and midges, I’m about to spray with Surefire Mosquito & Midge Slayer. It’s come recommended by the neighbours, and the instructions are to spray it on the external surfaces of the house and let dry for 3-4 hours. I need to keep pets and children away for that time.

My plan is tonight, I will close up the hive and move inside. First thing tomorrow morning I will spray the outside of my house. Then The following morning I will take the hive back outside and open it. That will give the bees about 24 hours after I spray before I move them back.

Does that sound like a good plan? Or will this stuff kill the bees regardless of when I spray?

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