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Some beginner questions about mites and honey harvest

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Some beginner questions about mites and honey harvest

This is my first year beekeeping. I currently have a 10 frame deep brood box, then a queen excluder, then a 10 frame deep honey box. I have some questions about the next few weeks.

I did a sugar shake for mites this past weekend and did not find enough to be concerned. Should I still plan for an Oct/Nov treatment just to be safe. I live in temperate California so the season is long here.

I did not realize that I should have added a second brood box when the first one will filled with drawn comb. The first one seems healthy and the queen continues to lay eggs etc. Should I add one now or plan to add a second brood box in the spring?

Instead of adding a second brood box, I added a deep honey super with a queen excluder in the middle. This is now almost full and I have just added a medium honey super on top of it as of 3 days ago. Should I harvest any honey from the deep box? We get about a week's worth of 30 degree weather (that is the lowest it gets) and my bee friendly garden has flowers year round. I also have a lot of citrus which start blooming late Feb/early March and the citrus bloom is a major source of nectar flow in my area. How much honey should I leave for my hive to make it through winter?

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