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Some bees checking out my house. Beemergency?

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Some bees checking out my house. Beemergency?

Hey all! So I was working on a ramp that I'm building at the back of my house yesterday (around 4pm, Melbourne Aus, springtime). As I was working I noticed the appearance of a large group of bees up around the fascia and guttering. I would say there were 100+ bees hovering around the area.

As there is no ramp constructed there yet I have not been to that part of my house for a few days so I'm not sure if they are brand new but they definitely haven't been there for longer than a week.

After my wife and I freaked out for a bit I called a bee guy who is coming to thermal image today to see if they are there. This is not cheap.

As I step out there this morning there is not a bee in sight, it's about 9.45am, bright and sunny and no bees anywhere.

Where did they go,? Do bees sleep in?

Do you guys think I should monitor it for a few days then have the bee man come out?

Or should I just spend the money and chop holes in my nice new house and move them?

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