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Some advice please

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Some advice please

Hey folks,

So for my first year off beekeeping I've been hit with almost everything that can go wrong from swarming, new queen's not staying and a dearth making a full hive of reserves empty in 4 days. It was almost 10 weeks with no laying queen and yet the hive is still going.

So I finally got a queen to stay and my aim was purely to build strength back up.

It took over 6 weeks (after the other 10 weeks of no queen) for her to start laying but only laid a handful. I fear it's due to a lack of stores (almost none). I've been feeding them 2:1 sugar syrup every 3-4 days since it all happened.

Despite putting a huge block of fondant and constant sugar syrup feeding they still don't seem to have stores and the queen isn't laying.

There is no robbing, the queen is still present and no pests but I'm concerned I'll hit a point of no return and the hive won't survive winter. They are consuming the 6l of syrup in 4 days.

I'm amazed they have managed to survive this long and I just want to do everything I can to save them,


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