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Some Advice Needed Pt. 2

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Some Advice Needed Pt. 2

Hello Again,

I have a follow up question to a earlier post of mine.

I am in area 7b and have a new single hive. Hive has been active and healthy all summer. I gave them a head start by putting old dead out frames for deeps and super. At the moment they have filled both deeps and have completely filled a honey super. The questions I have are:

1.) Should I pull or leave the filled super?

2.) Do I add another super?

3.) What does everyone like for overwintering? 2 deeps? 2 deeps plus super?

I am in the process of treating for mites. I just tested. I want to figure out my plan for the honey first before I decide on a treatment.

I promise I am not “hard up” for honey. Just trying to figure out a game plan.

Thanks in advance to r/ibleedbigred.

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