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So many small hive beetles

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So many small hive beetles

I’m killing hundreds a day, but there are still more. FML. Screened bottom board with diatomaceous earth is catching hundreds a day. I even trapped some, I left some comb out to be cleaned up after I frozen it to kill larvae. Came back to it at night and there were hundreds, so I collected it in a bag and froze it again, might as well trap them and kill them right?

I have a theory, there are three fields nearby, definitely within a 5 mile radius where the local bee supplier rotates hives to throughout the year. Due to a recent wildfire, he just picked up his hives a few weeks ago and moved them. I’m curious if i’m seeing a large outbreak from beetles emerging in those fields, finding no hives, and migrating to mine.

I’m just having trouble understanding how I’ve been collecting larvae in my traps for weeks, yet there are still so many beetles.

I’m starting to fear my hives won’t make it. I’m trying my best to avoid hard chemicals, I’m going to try the Crisco and boric acid trap that David at Barnyard Bees recommends on YouTube

I’m in north Florida, when will the pollen stop to the point where the bees can’t replace what the beetles ruin?

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