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So many questions about swarming bees.

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So many questions about swarming bees.

Hi, Very new to the world of bees, but don’t have any in my yard (yet). I want to take the year to learn as much about them as possible. Now the topic of swarming is a concern of mine. I live in a suburban area. My property is basically a triangle and towards the pointy end is the majority of my yard. On the left is a parkinglot for the HOA houses (the buildings are approx. 20 feet away from my fence and then on the right is an even larger parking lot for a small building that is just a law firm during the week. I also have a front yard approx. 30ft wide and 50ft long that is facing a rather busy city road. I have seen some crazy swarming bees and I have a feeling that the noise and the thousands of bees are going to freak some people out. How often do bees actually swarm, how long does it last and most importantly is there something you can do to avoid this?

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