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Small Hive Beetle problem

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Small Hive Beetle problem

Howdy beeks. I made a mistaken. I did something that left one of my hives honey bound by mistake which resulted in diminished population. I’ve fixed that problem(see previous posts) But, with the reduced population, SHB took full advantage and set up shop. I use a screened bottom board with a trap (was oil, now I’m using diatomaceous earth). I started noticing far too much debris and grubs getting into my trap. This weekend I took action, I removed all honey supers, and I took all the frames of honey, much of which was slimed, and they are currently in my freezer. I replaced the frames with empty frames of starter strips. And I scrapped out anything I could find with grubs. I have a wonderful queen and she is laying eggs (now, and I hope to see a population explosion soon). Most of the SHB activity I found was located on the sides of the brood chamber on honey and pollen frames. I still see plenty of brood of all stages in the frames at the center. I haven’t found any SHB activity on brood frames yet. So now my hive has been reduced to 5 frames of bees and 5 empty frames, I’m feeding them syrup, they are still bringing in pollen, I have two beetle blaster traps with oil and the screened bottom board, and Apivar for mites all in the hive. And an entrance reduced. My plan is to get into the hive every 48 hours to check on things. What are your thoughts? Can I do more? I have a second hive with a strong population, no grubs hitting my bottom board there, but plenty of adult beetles. I guess beetles on that side are being evicted properly with a strong population. If the strong hive continues to see growth, I’ll likely maintain supplements of brood frames, and rotate ones from the weak frame into the freezer using the strong one if she maintains plenty of brood available. But I need to be careful not to take too much, too fast.

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