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Should Raw Honey taste like Apple Cider?

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Should Raw Honey taste like Apple Cider?

I was on a hike with some friends and we stumbled across a beekeeper, and we asked if we could buy some honey. I’m not a honey expert; I don’t believe I’ve ever had raw honey, but this is not what I expected. It’s not bad, or unpleasant, it’s just unexpected. Do you think it’s because of the flower? I tried googling it, the most i can find is that honey can get an apple flavor if the bees get their pollen from Apple orchards… but bees do not prefer Apple pollen, and beekeepers usually leave that honey for their bees because it’s the first honey they create in the year (or something like that). I’d also be surprised if there are Apple orchards in this area, I don’t believe there are enough hours of freeze to produce Apples here… Maybe there are other flowers that will produce this taste?

The honey is also thinner than I’ve ever had. So one theory I keep seeing again and again is that it might be fermenting. There was a layer of foam/crystallized honey on top, most of it went away during the hike and I removed as much of the “foam” as I could with a spoon when I got home. It’s been sitting up for almost a day and it doesn’t seem to be making fresh foam, but im not entirely sure how long it would have to sit for that to happen. Other forums and threads seem to suggest that fermenting happens quickly so you should either refrigerate it or pasteurize it. I dont really want to do either. The taste, smell, and consistency are not unpleasant as long as it’s safe. I’m not an expert on yeast, but I don’t think I would say it smells yeasty.

I can say definitively that it does not taste like alcohol because I hate the taste of alcohol. If there’s ethanol in this honey, there’s not enough for me to taste or smell.

Please forgive me if I’m in the wrong place. I’m just curious about raw honey and this flavor, and it will take another long hike to go back and ask questions.

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