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Should I remove the top super for winterizing?

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Should I remove the top super for winterizing?

First time beekeeping through winter. I was trying to let the bees fill up a new box, with all undrawn frames. I thought the bees would have enough time to draw and fill it before time to stop checking on them for the winter, but I was wrong. They had only filled and not even capped 2 of the frames. The rest were still just foundation. Should I remove the entire box so that they have less room to waste energy trying to heat? Since the heat will rise, it just makes sense to me that they will sacrifice a ton of bees and energy trying to generate heat while it will all go to the top of the hive needlessly. My hive is currently one deep and one shallow, but they are both super packed with capped honey. What do I do with the unfilled/uncapped frames?

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