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Should I combine hives? Mite biters.

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Should I combine hives? Mite biters.

I have two hives, northern hemisphere in the US PNW. One of them seems weak – no brood in any stages, limited stores, limited pollen packed away, queen chilling. There is, however, a sizable population of bees and the queen is alive. Should I feed the heck out of them and overwinter them as a smaller hive with follower boards condensing their space and cross my fingers the queen bucks up in December? Or combine them? The weak hive is from a mite biter line and I don’t have experience with their overwintering strategy.

Both hives have been treated for mites with a current infestation of 2%. I plan to clean up with an OA dribble as the brood nest on the one continues to shrink.

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