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SHB question after hive inspection

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SHB question after hive inspection

I did a full hive inspection at the end of July (Australian winter). My 2nd hive (weaker) was pretty weak in population but neither seemed infested.

I did another inspection a few days ago. And both seemed much stronger in population coming into spring. The main hive (stronger) had built a lot of birchome in the roof so I scraped that all out to encourage building on foundation.

I got some birchome and honey etc on the ground during the inspection. It was a bit messy.

Next day I checked the sliding tray at the bottom vent for water build-up that has been happening in my weaker 2nd hive. Only to find about 50 shb in the tray. I whacked them out and killed them.

I think checked the strong hive and similar thing.

This has never happened to me before. Where did they all explode from?

I checked again yesterday and there was about 5 in each tray.

Then I checked today and none. Hopefully they're all gone but I was just wondering if the honey, bees and comb on the ground attracted them like crazy?

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