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Setting up for extraction success! n00b question

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Setting up for extraction success! n00b question

Dearest Redditors

My hives (2 x full depth Langstroth 10 frame hives with supers and queen excluder) were full and I tried extracting them in a little 2 frame hand crank extractor. I quickly found out that they had no wire or foundation supporting them inside the honeycomb so even when approaching a speed close to the centripetal force starting to spin out the honey (after decapping) the honeycomb would collapse… For this collection, I threw together a makeshift crush and strain for the 18 frames collected.

It kind of kills me cutting out all that beeswax since this amount will last me a long long time HOWEVER I would like to know what the reddit hivemind can recommend I do to avoid the full frames collapsing in the extractor next time? do you use wire? wax foundation? both?

Note; yes I know beeswax has more uses than a swiss army knife but I really was hoping to maximise honey production efficiency

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