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Setting up apiary in farmland

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Setting up apiary in farmland

I have an opportunity of moving some beehives to a location that is surrounded in every direction by crop land. The whole area is surrounded by paddocks that farmers are using to grow various crops. I saw wheat, canola, green beans, I'm sure a lot more.

There's also eucalyptus trees and some other native flowers in the scrub along the roads, but there isn't a lot of that. The region has an annual rainfall of 50mm, which is a little higher than some other places. I don't know about other flowers but I know eucalyptus flowers are largely dependent on good rainfall to produce nectar.

I'm wondering if this sounds like it might be a good apiary location for bees, or is relying on large fields of monoculture plants a bad idea? Could the pesticides that the farmers be harmful for the bees health?

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