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Seeking advice with my Russian colony

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Seeking advice with my Russian colony

Hey thanks for taking a moment! I have a certified Pure Russian colony. The queen stopped laying eggs around the end of june. She hasn't laid eggs since then. So its been a solid 2 months on holiday. I know Russian bees take brood breaks and this enhances their varroa mite resistance. I'm trying to be patient with this colony b/c I read everywhere that Russians stop producing brood in the summer, but they're still on holiday after 55+ days. Also my italian/carniolan hybrid colony is bringing in tons of pollen where the Russians are bringing in very little pollen. On another note, they seemingly haven't had brood in 30+ days and yet, they still have bees… How are these Russian bees not losing serious population when they haven't had reinforcements for weeks? How the heck did the Russian queen lay one single egg in a supercedure cell and not a single egg anywhere else?

I finally broke patience and gave the russians a frame of fully capped brood after I found the supercedure cell. Before I added the brood, the worker bees didn't seem to worship their queen much. After I added the brood, now all the workers are very attentive to the queen like at the start of the season.

I'm all ears for any advice tips suggestions info insights etc. I'm a first year bee keeper with two different lines of bees. Comparing my italian/carniolan hybrid hive to the russian hive has been thoroughly enigmatic.

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