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Second Year Hive Aggression

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Second Year Hive Aggression

So the 4 hives I started last year were super gentle. I didn’t even wear a veil for my first few inspections. Going into fall, they got a bit more aggressive but I figured that was normal since winter is coming and they need to defend their honey if they want to survive. Now that I’m in spring, they are all still just as aggressive. I can’t pop open the top without being jumped by a few. I blow thick white smoke at them and that helps for a literal minute before they start swarming me- which usually happens as soon as I put my hand over the colony or separate two frames that are propolized.

They are not getting robbed as far as I’ve seen. A tad bit crowded as of last inspection but even when they werent they showed aggression Yes I treat them with OA for mites

Is this normal?

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