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Second swarm exactly one week after first

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Second swarm exactly one week after first

Well this is getting tiring. Im a first season bee keeper in Australia. One of my hives has swarmed again. This time smaller, about the size of a football. I managed to catch them again however didn’t have a nuc box ready. Did however knock up a timber hive and 10 frames in record time with 2 coats of paint!

After catching the swarm then inspecting the hive which swarm came from I am thinking they need a second super. Brood box was packed, super had plenty of activity and middle frames 3/4 capped honey, outer frames 1/2 capped. Does this sound like they need the extra space? And how long before the remainder of the frames are capped keeping in mind we are in summer here so peak season.

On a side note, I also inspected the new hive I made from last weeks swarm not expecting to see much… WOW… 1/3 of the hive is completed comb. I couldn’t believe how much they have done in 1 week. It’s reassuring as it’s unlikely they will abscond.

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