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Rookie queen mistake

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Rookie queen mistake

So, I am a rookie at this and made what I think was a stupid mistake.

When I got my package bee's they came with 4 candy plugs attached to the outside of the boxes. But every.single.video.I.ever.did.see shows the keeper just pulling the queen cage, dropping it onto a frame, and saying "in a few days they will release her by eating the candy plug!"

In my anxiousness, I just sort of did what the video did and dropped them in.

Last night (3 days later) I woke up in a sweat and realized: Those plugs were probably included because I needed to do a swap out! Needless to say, I slept like 2 hours last night and waited all day today to get to mid-day when the hive was out and busy.

This afternoon I went to inspect and sure enough, my queen was in her cage and the hive was building comb around the queen cage (about a 5" plume). I pulled the queen cage out and it's just not clear to me if it was a candy plug or a temp plug and clearly it was nowhere near eaten. Using a nail, I quickly removed the plug and popped the queen cage back into the hive safely.

The other 3 hives were the same.

So, I guess my question is twofold

  1. Was this a total rooking mistake? Do package bees always ship with a hot-swap candy plug you have to pop in?
  2. They'll be ok? Right? So far they seem really robust and it felt like the right thing was happening.

My next step is to do another inspection in 3-4 days, make sure the cages are empty and see if they are back to business as usual. Anything else to watch for?

The joy of being a n00b. Thanks for listening.

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