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Robbing leftovers from an empty swarm trap

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Robbing leftovers from an empty swarm trap

Hi everyone,

I’m a first-year in the PNW. I installed a captured swarm yesterday that had been in the swarm trap too long (a result of crummy weather and life circumstances). There was a lot of burr comb… Cutting the burr comb from the bottom of the frames was a messy job. Some of the nectar dripped down into the swarm trap and in the area in general. There were still a lot of bees that hanging out in the now-frameless swarm trap. I shook/scooped out all the bees I could, but decided to leave the trap by the new hive so any stragglers could make their way into their new home. There is a lot of activity today in the area today when I went out to relocate the empty swarm trap—lots of bees coming and going into the empty box. I assumed this was to collect the spilt nectar. Is it okay to let bees rob the empty box of any resources left behind? Is it important that I move the swarm trap elsewhere in my yard to protect my two colonies from a potential robbing event? I’m a little worried that the colony will try to set up shop in the swarm box again if I leave it where it is. Thanks in advance. This year has been a major learning experience for me on what to do (and not do…); I appreciate all the help I’ve gotten from this community.

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