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Reversing Crystallization: Temperature control device?

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Reversing Crystallization: Temperature control device?

I have a batch of Fall honey that was stored in my garage for a few weeks until I uncapped and extracted. It got a little colder than I was planning and now the honey is on its way to crystallizing (Non viscous, cloudy). This is my 2nd year beekeeping and my first Fall harvest. I read about keeping the temp below 104F when reversing the crystallization. What's the best way to keep the water temp down if I am using a stove? I read to heat the water to the correct temp and pour it into another container with the honey jars in it. If the water cools it says to add more hot water. Seems pretty inaccurate and also tedious. Is there a better method? I have about 4 gals that I haven't bottled yet in a bucket. I don't want to ruin it with too much heat. Thanks to any replies.

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