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Reverse Split Advice?

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Reverse Split Advice?

I’m a backyard beekeeper in the Salt Lake City that’s planning a reverse (Doolittle) split of my only hive. The plan is to set up the hive approximately 3 ft away from the parent hive. I’d like to move the current queen over to the new hive and have the parent hive make a new queen out of existing open brood. Questions I have are: -What is the best time of day to do the split? -Should I supplement both hives with pollen patties and sugar syrup? (I have a good amount of frames with pollen and honey already) -Which direction should I face the new hive? -Should I switch the entrance reducers to the small size or large size for the hives?

The parent hive currently consists of about 6 frames of brood, 4 frames of mixed honey and bee bread, and 10 frames of honey (each at about 50-75% full). I was wanting to put the open brood frames in the new hive while leaving the capped brood frames in the parent hive after shaking off the nurse bees into the new hive.

Any other suggestions would be helpful, thanks!

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