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Reusing wax moth frames for package install?

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Reusing wax moth frames for package install?

Long story short my bees absconded last year during the california wildfires and I let my empty hive sit out of curiousity. And totally not because I was busy writing my thesis and being lazy

I got some wax moths going on in my deeps, which was cool to look at and prod around in.

  1. The frames have been in the freezer.

  2. I did not see anything else to worry about, just the previous wax moth infestation.

My package bees are showing up in a couple days, when chuckin em all in is it fine to only use the wax moth frames with the damaged cells only? Or should I use a couple "fresh" frames too?

I'll probably give em some syrup to repair the damaged wax cells, that should be fine as well I think?

Heres to seein how these Saskatraz compare to the Italians I had!

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