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Reuse of old equipment?

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Reuse of old equipment?

Hello everyone; I hope you are all doing well.

~2 years ago, my wife and I had two hives on my parent's property that we lost over winter in NC. We were planning to reuse the equipment with new nucs that Spring, but I was offered a new job in Georgia and moved. The equipment was left outside; if I would have thought about it at the time, I would have done something else with it.

COVID has allowed me to work from home, and we used the opportunity to move back to NC.

With Spring coming, we want to start two new hives; is this equipment safe to use? I checked it out yesterday, and the boxes were all in surprisingly good shape, despite sitting out in the backyard for ~2 years. The supers are still solid, as well as the inner and outer covers and the bottom.

The frames are also fairly solid, and have plastic foundations in them.

There is evidence of some kind of insect inhabiting the comb and frames, but there doesn't appear to be anything living in it now.

Is there anything I should be concerned about with reusing this years-old equipment? My gut says to use the supers, covers, and bottom, and buy new frames, but I'm not sure if this is wise one way or the other. I'd rather not look through all of the frames unnecessarily if it should all be disposed of anyway.

To be clear, I was a new beekeeper when I lost these colonies, so I have no confirmation one way or another as to what killed them 2 years ago, although I was working with a mentor who seemed to think it was because the colonies were not prepared enough for the winter.

I'm willing to replace it all if necessary, although for obvious reasons I don't want to do that unless necessary.

Thanks everyone.

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