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Requeening issues – aka no idea what I’m doing and bees are bee-ing!!

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Requeening issues – aka no idea what I’m doing and bees are bee-ing!!

Rightio, one of my biggest challenges the past 16 months of beekeeping that there are 57 different approaches/opinions/methods to different problems. My logical brain struggles with that sometimes as it’s different to other hobbies I have where there are only one or two options and answers.

I’m in subtropical Australia. Current issue – requeened both my hives a week ago. Both hives had swarmed (despite my best efforts to prevent this). The new queens weren’t great – one hive was quite cranky and the other not a good layer at all.

Went in today after a week to check, with the intention of minimal disturbance, just checking queens are out of cages and laying. Good news, both queens released. Cranky hive still cranky but eggs easily visible. Hoping this queen sticks, they don’t kill her to raise another cranky queen and hive calms in another few weeks.

Second hive, multiple capped queen cells yet also new eggs from new queen I installed. I have no idea now what to do. I destroyed a few queen cups but didn’t want to pull apart the entire box searching, as I know extreme disturbance can also cause a hive to blame that on the new queen and kill her anyway.

What do I do now? Go back in and look for/destroy all the queen cells or simply let nature take its course and whatever happens, happens to my new queen? I assume a virgin queen will take her out? Or do I risk disturbing the hive even more and destroy every cell in the hope of preserving my new queen?

My internet searching is really conflicted on what I should do so I defer to the good folks here. Thank you in advance.

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