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Relocating a hive

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Relocating a hive

I plan to seal up this hive this evening and move it about 100 feet tomorrow.

Low activity today here in upstate NY, temps in the 40's and drizzly. Daytime highs in the 40's through Wednesday, overnight lows in the teens during that time. Supposed to reach mid-50's Thursday.

I intend to keep the hive sealed until Thursday morning. I've read that keeping them locked up for several days should cause them to re-orient once let out (I assume because (some/most/all) will have forgotten their coordinates in the meantime). They are well provisioned with their own honey and a pollen patty. I'm assuming little risk of overheating while sealed given the prevailing temps.

I will drape the opening with brush before re-opening to cue them that something has changed and prompt re-orientation to those geniuses who haven't forgotten their location.

I'm aware of the alternatives of short daily incremental moves or one long move out for a week and then back. Neither of those are options for me.

Any suggestions in addition to my plans? Thanks in advance, hive mind .


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