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Recommended Mite Treatment?

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Recommended Mite Treatment?

First year in the hobby, with two hives from April.

I am planning to pull the super August 1 for any honey (not expecting a lot first year). While I'm in there I'm going to do my first mite load test, and then move into treatment if needed.

I've gone through the Varroa Tool (https://honeybeehealthcoalition.org/varroatool/), but the list of recommendations is still pretty long.

Synthetic: Apivar, Apistan, Checkmite+

Essential Oils: Apiguard, Api Life Var

And several acids, including Formic Pro, HopGuard II, and Oxalic Acid.

The problem is that I'm new enough I'm not sure how to select from these options, or what criteria I would use to do so. Initially I was leaning towards Apivar, but then read several posts here that were not supportive.

How do I decide from among these options for this first year? I live in the PNW if that is a factor.


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