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"raw honey" vs "natural honey"

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"raw honey" vs "natural honey"

So I've been consuming local honey for awhile, it says 100% natural, and I trust that. It's from the best vitamin/herb shop in the whole city. They have everything you could imagine. This natural honey is very dark in color, it certainly doesn't dissolve and is quite thick. But it's not quite as thick as the "raw honey" which is more of a paste.

Is there any chance the stickier, non-pasty one is also raw? I guess it would say, but it just mentions the farm its 100% natural.

I only ask because I hear a lot about how raw honey is a lot higher in antioxidants, has more antibacterial and antifungal properties. Maybe it doesn't matter that much. I LOVE the local honey, the raw honey is pretty good too, just a lot different. It was processed in Germany according to the label.

Maybe I'm getting too carried away about what's the healthiest. Honey is plenty good for you compared to processed sugar and has more benefits overall. But some sources suggest that darker honey is higher in antioxidants since it has "less water" or something. The raw honey is so pastey though that it doesn't leave a never ending trail from the spoon though, so I would think that has the least water.

I've also got raw acacia honey, with a comb in it, but that one just tastes… weird, and the comb is annoying and in the way of the goopy goodness.

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