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NE Ohio, 80s, Sunny, Goldenrod just starting to bloom now.

Pop the lid, check to see if they are filling extracted frames I returned to them two weeks ago. Notice some nectar being filled, also see some eggs laid in the center of the lowest super. Move to the top brood box. Notice some honey on the outside frames being consumed. Bees are a little cranky. Notice eggs, larvae, capped brood. Return all frames to the box and set it on its side. Check the bottom of the frames: A few empty cups, no starts of queen cells. Move to the bottom brood box. Pop it from the bottom board and tilt. No cups, no cells. Stack everything back up and move on.

At no point did I look for the queen or check frames beyond the 1st on I came across with eggs and brood. Did this same process for all 4 hives.

Is this too quick? Did I miss anything important I should be looking for this time of the year heading into Fall? I normally spend more time going through most of the frames in each hive. With the bees seeming agitated I wanted to keep things quick. Your thoughts?

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