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Questions for Arizona/Zone 9 Beekeepers

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Questions for Arizona/Zone 9 Beekeepers

Over the last week I did a force abscond/trap-out on a tree in my front yard. I have a majority of the bees now in a box with as much of the old comb in the tree as I could reach. I think I got all the brood comb. I have a trap out cone on the tree for any remaining bees. I haven't been able to find the queen yet but I figured I'd give um a few more days in a 10 frame deep and see if they make queen cells on the frames or if she decides to show up. I personally think she still may be in the tree.

Anyway seeing as I thrust myself into beekeeping (I've been planning to for years anyway) I wanted to garner some knowledge for beekeeping in our nice and toasty climate. I don't see as much info out there on the hot and basically no winter climates. Any advice on my situation? I'm thinking about introducing a new queen if I don't catch the original one. In your experience how late into winter do bees forage here? Just waiting to get more of an idea of what I'm looking at.

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