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Questions about swarming

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Questions about swarming

Hey everyone,

I'm thinking of starting beekeeping and getting a hive in a few months from a local beekeeper I know.

I have been researching for a few months, and one of the parts of beekeeping that scares me the most is swarming season. From what I gather, it is a pretty bad idea to just let them swarm, as they can go to neighbours' houses or walls and make new hives there. Even if they go to the wild it can be problematic because or pests and so on. Also, of course, my own hive will be smaller.

So I'm wondering how to best deal with swarming season. From what I have seen, if you detect swarm cells, you should prepare to make a split. What exactly does that involve?

And if I'm not mistaken, that means that then I will have two hives! Then, if I have to split again… more hives!

Are these assumptions correct? If I only want to keep one or two hives at most, how should I deal with swarming?

Thanks everyone 🙂

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