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Question(s) about retrieving my somewhat precarious swarm trap, possibly with a swarm even

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Question(s) about retrieving my somewhat precarious swarm trap, possibly with a swarm even

Hey gang,

I setup a swarm trap in the front yard of a relative's house. I hoisted it with a rope to get it up higher from the ground, but unfortunately, the tree it's in (a weeping willow) didn't have a good spot for me to get the trap tightly secured. At the time, I didn't think about the trap moving in the wind.

Relative reports that she's seen bees coming and going from the trap since yesterday. Sunday we had strong winds all day, and when we went to visit, I saw no evidence of activity. It seems then that the bees likely moved into the trap (if they have, going this afternoon to verify) they did so sometime Monday.

Long-winded, I know, I'm getting there!

Here in Northwest Georgia it's supposed to be warm and sunny until Thursday. Thursday we're supposed to get storms.

My local bee mentor says not to move the bees for a week, but my concern with this trap are thus:

  1. Not being tightly secured against the tree worries me in that if the storm on Thursday is bad enough the trap might move too much and the bees might decide to bounce.
  2. The swarm trap itself has two loose frames in it, and the bees may decide between now and next Monday to build something wacky that will make it hard for me to transfer them to my hive box.

My plan is currently: go to the trap today to observe whether or not the bees are bringing in pollen and are, in fact, present.

If they're bringing in pollen, I will transport them home after dark and set them up on the hive stand for tomorrow (Wednesday) and transfer the frames after dark on Wednesday to the hive proper, which I can secure against the stormy Thursday.

What do you guys think? Valid concerns? Good plan? Over thinking?

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