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Questions about long term honey storage

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Questions about long term honey storage

We all know honey last forever, found in egyptian tombs and all that

But how to store it properly for years? I'm considering getting 100+liters and put it in those big white hdpe2 food buckets like mayo comes in for restaurants (got some brand new 30 liters!) but is it really as easy as just pouring it in to fill it up as much as there is room for, close the lid and thats it?

Or do i have to get the remaining air out (make a vacuum in the bucket) or put anything in it to make sure nothing happens over time?

Also, what temperatures can i store these buckets at? Is it bad if they freeze?

And i assume it will seperate a little, needing to be stirred around a bit when reopened after years, can that be prevented from happening and is that a problem or just annoying?

Also… shit more questions come up as i write, realizing i know jack shit about this. Will it have any negative effects if i open a bucket every other day to grab a little for eating? The lids re-close airtight

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