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Question – Swarms found at existing hives

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Question – Swarms found at existing hives

So a month ago I found a swarm under one of my existing hives with a screen bottom. I thought it was incredibly unusual but managed to find the queen, get as many bees as I could into a Nuc (there were a lot of dead bees on the ground from being stung by the bees in the hive through the screen), and took them to another location. A couple weeks later, a second swarm was found in the exact same spot under my existing hive. I did the same with it as the first (moved to another spot). Today, I found a 3rd swarm (just a queen and about a dozen bees) under that same hive! I know queens scent when swarming and it is common to find new swarms in the location a previous one was, but under an existing hive? Has anyone run across something like this before?
I am in the American south east.

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