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Question on bottom boards.

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Question on bottom boards.

My lovely and always annoying wife wants to add solid bottom boards to our hives. Last year, we went through the winter with screened bottoms. I did place hay bales around the hives almost to the height of the second deep’s top. The bees made it with honey being plentiful on many frames. Now, this upstate New York and we get sub zero temperatures for weeks at a time. Today it’s about 40 degrees F. The Mrs. wants to go put bottom boards underneath the screened bottoms. I think it is too cold to disassemble the hives for this. We made some quilt boxes to act as insulated tops with wood shavings. What do those of you with experience think…first of using screened bottom boards in winter, generally. And, then of opening hives when the temperature is lower than 50degrees?

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