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Question from a newbie

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Question from a newbie

Hello everyone! I've recently got into beekeeping. I started looking into it about 2 months ago and soon after TWO swarms of bees decided to make their hives in my property. This is something that never happened before, it's almost like I called them!
Anyway, I bought a hive and managed to capture one of the swarms in it, but I removed two of the frames because I figured it'd be easier to drop all the bees inside that way. The issue is that I waited too long to add the missing frames and when I went to check they had built a huge comb hanging from the hive cover in the free space.
I'm going to add a honey super soon but I don't know what to do with that comb. Should I separate it from the ceiling and just leave it there? Should I take it off, cut it and put it in frames? Should I get rid of the comb altogether and and add the missing frames?

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