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Question for the group

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Question for the group

I am 70 years old and run a couple of businesses. I own a 45 acre farm located between Flint and Lansing Michigan.

I have stopped all row crops as the farmer who rented the fields used Roundup and we had lost our bees. That was 3 years ago. There are 22 acres of tillable land, 5 or 6 acres of woods, a 6 acre lake, and two small ponds. The rest is rolling hills and scrub brush.

In the spring of 2019, I had decided to turn this place into a safe zone for nature. I wanted to plant flowers and trees in the fields. Covid set in and set me back and now I want to get back to my plan.

As a part of that, I want to bring in hives, lots of them, more than I could ever handle, say 50, 100, 200, or more.

My question is simple: Is there a bee keeper or group that would be willing to help me make this happen here?

I am willing to fiance the project by buying the hives and bees as long as it is not all at once. I am willing to split earnings to the point that my share covers my expenses and those doing the work, get the profits.

Once we hit the total number of hives we would run and the expense of building was over, I would want a fair, reasonable split of profits. This could be employment for someone or a rental situation or your hives sitting here.

I have several buildings here and could set up a honey house for constructing hives and extracting honey.

I am very open to any kind of suggestion or working relationship.

My goal is to help the bees. Profit is not my motivation but I want this project to pay for it's self including labor. If I make a little from it, all the better.

I see this as a way of helping the bees and providing income for someone or several someone's.

Any suggestions?

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