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Question for bee-havior experts!

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Question for bee-havior experts!

Howdy beeks!

I fed some sugar water to a couple of foragers I found stranded outside the hive this morning as a way of getting to stare at them up close for a long time. They seemed to have gotten too cold (didn't see any signs of disease/mites) but quickly regained vigor as they lapped up the sugar.

Question: is there a meaning behind the little wiggle they do when they drink? Like is it a necessary movement to "swallow" or is it their little way of showing contentment? I ask because only one of the girls started wiggling her butt excitedly — the other contained herself. She wasn't upset, because after she drank she crawled all over my hand, stinger tucked away.

Just curious to learn more about these fascinating, beautiful little creatures. Thanks in advance!

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