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Question about winter prep/harvesting(?)

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Question about winter prep/harvesting(?)

Hey guys, this is my second year keeping bees. I never had supers on my hives last year because it took them so long to draw out comb in the deeps, so this is my first time dealing with supers. Two of my hives each have two deeps with drawn comb, but only 7/10 frames have actual honey or pollen in them. The others have patchy brood or are empty. The supers are totally full. Should I remove the supers now (would that encourage them to fill up everything else?) or should I leave them in case they need more food? I asked people in my beekeeping club and got different answers, so I’m just asking for more opinions…I’m located in the mountains of northern WV if that tells you anything about the winter we’ll probably have. Thanks so much for any input!

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