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Question about spacing and how “busy” hives can get?

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Question about spacing and how “busy” hives can get?

Hello all, I have been trying to research an answer on this just to see if keeping bees is even viable for my situation, but have not had much luck.

I have a decent size property about 1.5 acres, neighbors are fairly far apart. But after starting my research into beekeeping I see the hives should ideally get morning sun. My yard is ringed in tall trees so it narrows down the hive placement considerably. The location I would need to put it is about 30 feet from my house, it would also be very close to a vegetable garden, and basically in the main thoroughfare into the rest of the yard. So my question and concern is how busy do the hives get? Is there going to be a swarm of bees in the center of my yard? If it’s say 5-10 ft from where I’m working in the garden will I be stung and shaking off bees left and right?

I envisioned the hives at the end of the yard at the tree line far from the house, but this will be mostly in shadow for the majority of the day, is that a no go?

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