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Question about reusing frames from lost colony

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Question about reusing frames from lost colony

We had a wet and wild winter/spring transition and I think a colony became weak from freezing and thawing which created moisture and froze the hive. I dont see any signs of disease, just the typical mold fuzz that would grow on the organic matter after a colony dies or leaves for a period of time. 4 of my 5 hives survived well. Theres a lot of capped honey stores in the top box and the bottom is mostly empty. the honeycomb looks dark and is brittle to touch. of course I checked it in +1 degree C weather after a long period of sub zero. I'm wondering if the wax is salvageable and I can reuse the frames as they are? I am planning on splitting one of my more populated hives in a few weeks and could just transfer right into the dead hive? I would scrape the moldy areas, put in some mite strips and remove any ugly areas.

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