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Question about last mite treatment of the year and when to feed candy

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Question about last mite treatment of the year and when to feed candy

I’ve got two questions I’m hoping someone can help with. This is my first year with bees.

  1. I’m about to put together a moisture quilt which I’ll probably go ahead and add to the hive. Our calls are generally pretty wet here Kentucky. I’ve been feeding 2:1 sugar and now that the daytime temperatures are staying in the mid 50s they’re not taking much of it. Should I go ahead and switch to candy? Someone else mentioned that they wait until late winter to add candy so the bees don’t use it up to fast. Also, what do they actually do with it? I assume they can’t store it like they would sugar syrup. Are they just consuming the dry candy? Probably a stupid question.

It makes sense to add it late in winter but I don’t want to open the hive up when it’s that cold out?

  1. I had really high mite levels back in August. I treated with Apiguard for the full duration (can’t remember off the top of my head how long). Whatever the instructions said, several weeks. On 9/12 the mite count was zero so it seemed to work really well- I did an alcohol wash. Should I have check it again? Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty warm, up in the 60s so I may try to do a quick inspection and can check the count.

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