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Question about bee insulating/wrapping for winter

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Question about bee insulating/wrapping for winter

My hives are in SC, but very very close to NC. Is bee wrapping or insulating necessary at all for them? They seem crazy strong. I read an article to leave a honey deep with a sham (to cover the sham for cleansing flights, then I read to not cover it so they can have a cleansing flight up top) they said in the article you’d how shocked you’d be how fast the heat rises and goes directly out of that tiny little sham.

Oh yea, one big important question, this is my first year beekeeping (read about it for 3 years and picked an awful year to start it (I have a medical business that keeps me up all hours of the night changing peoples concentrators and things like that).

Anyway, I bought two basic hives with screen bottoms, do I leave those in there, or get a different bottom? It seems like the bottom would make them cold, silly question to some, but is there anything I can do about it?

Thanks sooooooo much!


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