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Question about Apivar treatment

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Question about Apivar treatment

Tomorrow is day 42 of treatment with Apivar. Today I did a mite check via sticky board, and found 24 mites per 24 hour period (3 day average). This is higher than my count before I started treatment (11 mites/24 hours on sticky board; 3% via sugar roll). I know Apivar paralyzes mites so that they more readily fall off bees, so sticky board may not be the best method of detection. However, I thought by the end of treatment there would be fewer in the hive than before treatment. I initially placed the strips between frames that had eggs/larvae/brood. When I checked in 2 weeks ago, it seemed like capped brood had shifted over a few frames. I'm debating adjusting strip placement and then leaving them in for 2 more weeks. I also have Formic Pro that I could follow up with, but it is still on the edge of beeing too hot around here for that method of treatment. Have any of you encountered this type of situation? Any recommendations?

Hive/apiary details: Single hive of Carniolans in Eastern Tennessee. Two deeps, brood in both top and bottom boxes. Two Apivar strips in each box. Colony seems strong; 80-90% of frames covered with bees, lots of stored honey and pollen.

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