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Question about Apivar Super contamination

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Question about Apivar Super contamination

Hello! We are first-time beekeepers and I think we made a mistake with the application of Apivar recently. We applied the strips to our hive and then removed them when we added on the Super (strips were applied for only 17 days). I just read that you're supposed to wait 2 weeks between removing the Apivar strips and adding supers. It's a Flow super if that makes a difference.

The Apivar datasheet says: "No active ingredient residues were detected in honey after 10 weeks of treatment, regardless of the date of sampling. Others studies also proved that, in honey, the active ingredient is fully degraded after 10 days. No active ingredient residues were detected in beeswax 24 hours after the removal of the strips from the hive. Amitraz does not accumulate in the honey and wax because of its instability in the hive’s acidic environment where it is quickly broken down by hydrolysis. Similarly, other studies concluded that residues of amitraz or its main components in honey consistently fall below maximum residue limits established by the European Medicines Agency."

The datasheet makes me think we're okay and the chemicals will not accumulate in the honey, but don't want to be ingesting these chemicals either.

Do we need to pull the super and clean it (or trash it 😬)? Let me know your thoughts! Having these bees is an awesome experience and we want to make sure we do it right 🙂

Edit: we're located in Northern Utah, USA

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