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Question About Apivar and Treating?

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Question About Apivar and Treating?

I'm a fairly new beekeeper and this year I treated with Apivar. Per the instructions, I removed any frames that were meant for human consumption prior to treating. My question is, can that comb never be used again for human honey? I would hate to have the bees draw out 10 frames in the spring when I have 10 ready to go. I also don't want to put them back in my hive as bee honey if they're contaminated, as honey gets transferred from comb to comb. I am just confused about when I should treat, how it affects my comb, and what I should use. I have friends who use oxalic acid vapor, some who use Proformic patties, and some who use Apivar. If I'm treating all the time, how do I ensure no miticide gets in my honey/comb?!

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