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Question about a bumblebee hive

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Question about a bumblebee hive

Hi all! I'm sure most of you have more expertise with honeybees than bumblebees but I figured someone might have some insight for me on this!

I have a bumblebee hive living in the ground by some remnants of an old wooden deck in my backyard. I try to keep out of their way, especially since I read that bumblebee hives only last one season and once winter hits the hive dies out and the queen relocates. (If I'm wrong about any part of this please correct me!)

The bees are fairly territorial about their section of the yard — I had some much-needed yard work done about a month back which upset them and the gardeners ended up getting stung a few times.

There's some more work I'd like to do out in the yard and dead leaves I want to clean up but I'd like to let the bees have a peaceful end of their time back there and wait them out before getting started. However I'm not sure exactly what I'm waiting for. First day below freezing? And how long does it have to be that cold for? There were a few days last week where it almost hit freezing temps, but this week we're back up in the 60s and I've seen a few of them buzzing around again (though there's less of them around than before).

Any advice on how much longer I should leave them be would be appreciated, by me but I'm sure also by the ladies out in my yard 🙂

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