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Questing regarding hive enetrances

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Questing regarding hive enetrances

What entrances do you use, and when?

I have 2 nucs I started this year, one is 90% drawn comb in a 10 frame deep, it lost some bees when the lid came loose driving home, so it is weaker still than the other hive, which is fully drawn out on 1 10 frame deep, with a second 10 frame deep added on top.

Should I have a top entrance?

Should I have an entrance reducer?

Would a top entrance on the second top box help promote them to go up there and build more comb?

(I am still feeding if that makes a difference)

Currently I have no top entrance, and the entrance reducer is on the bigger cut out.

The hives are in the shade so they shouldn't be TOO hot.

This is my first year so I appreciate the help!

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