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Queenless hive…

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Queenless hive…

I have a very confusing situation and looking for any suggestions… I a strong hive started from a nuc is beginning of April. By May 20th I added another deep and about 2 weeks later I noticed that the queen is not laying and there were a few capped superseding cells I mistakenly thought are swarm cells and destroyed. I re-queened the hive with a mated queen and helped here to get through a plug on day 4th. Two weeks later nothing changed and the queen was gone (it was marked). So, I re-queened the hive again this time I had no capped larva left (the queen was released on day 5). I waited for 16 days and checked again no eggs again and couldn't id the queen either. The hive is full of resources, top deep supper is 75% full of capped honey, the bottom supper has capped honey, bee bread, pollen and space to lay. I could count about 12,000 bees and they are very calm. Not sure what to try next.

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