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Queenless after swarm?

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Queenless after swarm?

Hive swarmed on June 16th. Was unable to catch swarm. Inspected hive on June 25th, there appeared to be no brood, eggs or larvae minus a very few drone looking cells. A couple frames had queen cells, but they were open and empty. The hive was packed full of capped honey, nectar and some pollen, about 85-95%.

Is it normal to have no brood after a swarm? My understanding is I should have had some left from the old queen.

Should I requeen immediately or wait the 14 days to see if a new queen was reared and is laying before doing anything?

I am in Central Lower Michigan. The hive is set up with 2 brood deep boxes. A honey super has been added since the swarm.

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